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The 2000 CBFA Conference was hosted by Houghton College, and was held in Buffalo, NY.

Copies or abstracts of the presentations are available to view or download by clicking on the presentation title below.




Adjibolosoo, Senyo

Point Loma Nazarene U.

The international development program of activities: What are we doing wrong?

Andrews, Brett K.
Bovee, Steven L.
Roller, Robert H.
Walenciak, Joe F.

LeTourneau University
Roberts Wesleyan Coll.
LeTourneau University
John Brown University

Assessing faith-learning integration in Christian college business programs

Arnott, Dave
Juban, Rusty

Dallas Baptist U.

Organizational commitment and corporate cults

Barlow, Dan
Usrey, Kyle

Roberts Wesleyan Coll.
Hardin-Simmons U.

Contracts and agency principles in the Bible: A new faith-based pedagogy of teaching business law

Black, Robert A.

Houghton College

Irrational exuberance? Not entirely: Stock market gains as rational reactions to economic crises and Federal Reserve stabilization policy

Chewning, Richard C.

Baylor University

Hermeneutics and Biblical ethics: God’s immutability and human integrity

DuPree, James


Three challenges for the Christian institution of higher learning in the implementation of computer/internet-based instructional technology

Fawcett, Clifford W.
Hazen, Marinus

Cedarville University

Freshman orientation experiences at Christian colleges and universities: University-wide and business school

Fitzgerald, Patrick W.
Fitzgelad, Courtney R.

Oklahoma City Univ.
Comprehensive Consulting

Proven approaches to teaching financial ethics within the business school curriculum

Groleau, Thomas G.

Carthage College

Fact, fiction, or prediction: An integrative lesson for information systems classes

Hess, Dan W.

Seattle Pacific Univ.

Integrating financial concepts of nonprofit organizations into the finance curriculum

Hill, Alec

Seattle Pacific Univ.

The long journey to AACSB accreditation

Lantos, Geoffrey P.

Stonehill College

Finding an ethical foundation in Biblical faith

Perkins, David
Carter, David L.

Abilene Christian U.

Human self-reliance versus reliance on God: Understanding God’s design for man’s participation

Porter, Brian E.
Smith, Thomas M.
Vellenga, David B.

Hope College
Hope College
Albion College

The systems approach: A biblical integration

Proffitt, Dennis

Grand Canyon Univ.

Agency theory as a basis for business ethics

Roller, Robert H.
Bovee, Steven L.
Andrews, Brett K.

LeTourneau University
Roberts Wesleyan Coll.
LeTourneau University

Leadership aspirations and challenges of Christian college and university business deans and chairs

Seibert, Kent W.

Wheaton College

Enhancing learning from internships: Lessons from Solomon and the Fortune 500

Smith, Yvonne S.
Chandler, Timothy

Biola University

What’s done is Donne: Complex change, business scholars, and a great books program

Socci, Albert C.

Eastern Nazarene College

A market orientation in Christian higher education

Surdyk, Lisa K.

Seattle Pacific U.

Kingdom perspectives on economics: Utopian idealism or a visionary call to build a better world?

Van Buren III, Harry J.

Roberts Wesleyan Coll.

Organizational social capital and religious institutions

VanderVeen, Steve

Calvin College

Seeing through the glass darkly: Four mentalities and models regarding ethics and social responsibility

Webb, Ronald J.

Huntington College

Motivated to lead: A longitudinal assessment of students attending a Christian liberal arts college

Wood, Theodore N.

Gordon College

Corporate social responsibility, management decision making and the use of accounting information: The nineteenth century Lowell, Massachusetts textile mill experience

Zigarelli, Michael A.

Regent University

The Regent University Christian business practice study: Some preliminary results

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