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The 2001 CBFA Conference was hosted Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL. 

Copies or abstracts of the presentations are available to view or download by clicking on the presentation title below.




Adams, Scott

Taylor University

Brokerage preparation

Ahlseen, Mark

John Brown University

Separation of school and state

Arnott, Dave
Martindale, Bobbie

Dallas Baptist University

Christianity and capitalism: Correlation or causality?

Bovee, Steven L.
Roller, Robert H.
Andrews, Brett K.

Roberts Wesleyan Coll.
LeTourneau University
LeTourneau University

Bricks without straw: The unique challenges of Christian business school leadership

Brower, Jack E.

Eastern College

Summary of devotions in accounting

Carson, Ken

Geneva College

Tensions facing Christians in business: A proposed framework for guiding students

Chan, K. Caleb

Spring Arbor University

Does instructor witness and character matter in student perception of faculty performance and course quality?

Chewning, Richard C.

John Brown University

A dozen styles of Biblical integration: Assimilating the mind of Christ

Daake, Don
Fitzgerald, Patrick

Olivet Nazarene U.

What’s hot - what’s not: A perspective from the “real world”

Deming, Jonathan C.


A Biblical faith embedded principles of macroeconomics

El Naggar, A. Osh

Anderson University

Taxes and the role of government from a Biblical perspective

Fields, W. Calvin

Belhaven College

Uncertainty management and government regulation

Hagenbuch, David J.

Messiah College

Morality for sale? Embracing a Christian ethic in the face of a business divestment: A personal case analysis

Halberg, Richard A.

Houghton College

Student managed endowment funds: Putting investment theory and ethical investing into practice

Homan, Scott R.
Sandall, Darrell

Purdue University
SkillsNet Corporation

Introduction to utilizing the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Information Network taxonomy to provide on-target curriculum based on a revolutionary job analysis practice

Johnson, Sharon G.
Smith, Galen

Cendarville University

Perspectives on competition: Christian and otherwise

Kilmer, Robert
Dose, Jennifer

Messiah College

Is “effort or results” enough in a Christian business classroom?

Koch, Gary

Olivet Nazarene U.

Catching and rewarding: A motivation technique

Koch, Paul

Olivet Nazarene U.

Faith integration - business style: Another perspective from the “real world”

Lantos, Geoffrey P.

Stonehill College

The ethicality of altruistic corporate social responsibility

Lemler, Brad

Grace College

Putting it all together, helping accounting majors understand and critique financial statements from the perspective of their coursework in the business core, the liberal arts core, and theology

Lynn, Monty L.
Coburn, Tim C.
Swinney, J. Vincent
Winegeart, Michael

Abilene Christian U.

Assessing spiritual development in business students: Lessons learned and a suggested process

Lynn, Monty
Armstrong, Ken
Griggs, Jack A.
Head, Tom
Johnson, David
Lewis, Philip V.
Lytle, Richard S.
Reinsch, N. Lamar
Surdyk, Lisa K.

Abilene Christian U.
Anderson University
Abilene Christian U.
George Fox U.

Azusa Pacific U.
Abilene Christian U.

Seattle Pacific U.

Survivors: A Christian business faculty cloud of witnesses

Monhollon, Jimmie R.

Hardin-Simmons U.

Free enterprise and the Christian worldview

O’Connell, Dave

St. Ambrose University

Breaking the ice with a gutted rooster: Discussion management and the dignity of work

Redmer, Timothy
Burger, Kenneth J.

Regent University

The integration of faith and learning in finance and marketing using a case approach

Redmer, Timothy
King, Jacque L.

Regent University

Financial planning: From the Bible to the internet

Revenaugh, D. Lance

Cedarville University

The message and its source: Foundational principles for research and information management

Surdyk, Lisa K.
Diddams, Margaret A.D.

Seattle Pacific U.

The love of money in America: The costs of affluence through the eyes of faith

Swicegood, Philip
Williams, Philip
Graham, Van
Neureuther, Brian

Wofford College

Garder-Webb Univ.
Indiana State Univ.

Business ethics: Does it matter what you believe, does in matter what you are taught?

VanderVeen, Steve
Porter, Brian E.

Calvin College
Hope College

St. Augustine: A role model for Christian business faculty

White, Lynn S.

Trinity Christian College

Change in accounting education and its impact on Christian liberal arts colleges and universities

Wright, Marshal H.
Winston, Bruce

Oral Roberts U.
Regent University

A combined model of cybernetics and dynamic social impact communication theory applied to learning and faith integration in faith-based educational institutions utilizing internet distance-learning programs

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