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CBFA Headquarters Relocates to Azusa Pacific University

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The 2005 CBFA Conference was hosted by Point Loma Nazarene University, overlooking the ocean on Point Loma in San Diego, CA.

This conference was the 25th anniversary celebration of the founding of the CBFA, and thus the conference theme was “Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future.”

Copies or abstracts of the presentations are available to view or download by clicking on the presentation title below.




Austin, Jon R.
Dillman, Alan
Schmidt, David
Clark, Randy

Cedarville University

Transformation mentoring: An experimental process for aligning student learning with business realities

Gaylor, Kristena

Belhaven College

A comparison of employee-organizational linkages of faculty members at public and private Christian-based colleges

Perkins, David
Timmerman, Ed

Abilene Christian University

A critical examination of the debate over virtue ethics and situationism

Wheeler, Jack
Hamill, Bob

Indiana Wesleyan University

A look at the business curricula at other Christian institutions

Goldsmith, Geoffrey

Belhaven College

Accounting’s foundation:  Should the philosophical foundation of accounting be postmodernism or Christianity?

Edmonds, James

Freed-Hardeman University

Alternative dispute resolution: Choice or command?

Jackson, Steven
Houghton, Jeffery

Asbury Theological Sem.
Abilene Christian Univ.

An evaluation of pastoral self-leadership and church health in church plants

Daake, Don
Koch, Gary

Olivet Nazarene University

An innovative approach to teaching business policy and strategy: Taking it to the field

Wright, David
Vardiman, Phil

Abilene Christian University

Corporate social responsibility:  An examination of leader morality as antecedents

Logue, Niles

Gordon College

Cultural relativism or ethical imperialism? Dealing with bribery across cultures

Migliore, R. Henry
Shennum, Barry

Oklahoma State U/Tulsa
Far North Bible College

Developing a strategic plan for a college of business

Erickson, Todd

Trinity Western Univ.

Do adaptive initiatives erode Christian colleges’ strong mission orientation?

Wilkinson, Gary

Indiana Wesleyan Univ.

Do Christian beliefs help the economy?

Hammond, Carl

Point Loma Nazarene University

Do you want to buy a car? Accounting for fixed asset disposition

Halberg, Richard

Houghton College

Doing business with a servant’s heart:  Becoming God’s fiduciary and building a meaningful legacy

Conover, Roger

Azusa Pacific Univ.

Economic recovery: Between relief and development

Martinez, Richard

Cedarville University

Evolution from data to love:  Teaching management of knowledge assests in the Christian business classroom

Johnson, Katryna

Concordia University - St. Paul

Examining Bloom’s taxonomy through marketing research service learning

Jinkerson, Darryl
Vardiman, Phil

Abilene Christian Univ.

Faculty attitudes toward student risk-taking in a testing situation

Agee, James E.
Burger, Kenneth

Trevecca Nazarene University

If I am well paid, I don’t care about my company’s values! Or do I?

Hamon-Porter, Brigitte
Porton, Brian

Hope College

Integrating Christian faith and business: Is this better fostered in Christian or secular cultures?

Chapman, Robert
Huntley, Julie
Wright, Marshal

Oral Roberts University

Integration of faith and learning: Curriculum initiatives at ORU

Saunders, Kent
Buckles, Tom
Lantos, Geoff
Martinez, Rick
VanderVeen, Steve

CBAR Board

Introducing the Christian Business Academy Review (CBAR)

Dose, Jennifer

Messiah College

Leader-member exchange in scripture:  Insights from Jesus, Noah, and Abraham

Havens, Rebecca

Point Loma Nazarene University

Left behind by globalization:  Why Christians care about educating women

Lantos, Geoffrey

Stonehill College

Making the consumer behavior course more interactive

Johnson, Sharon
Smith, Galen

Cedarville University

Perspectives on competition: Christian and otherwise

Walz, James T.
Griego, Orlando
Babbes, George

Azusa Pacific Univ.

Predicting academic integrity when pedagogy in viewed as a game

Lam, Maria

Malone College

Redemptive business education in the age of globalization

Brown, Philip
Churchman, Robert

Harding University

Revisiting the use of case studies: Practical tips and techniques for our classrooms

Flint, Amanda

Trinity Western Univ.

Solutions to corruption in the auditing profession

Martinez, Richard
Schmidt, David

Cedarville University

Spiritual leadership and the quest for survival in organizations

Steen, Todd
VanderVeen, Steve

Hope College

Teaching perspective taking: Why it’s important - How it might be done

Cafferky, Michael

Southern Adventist University

Teaching strategic environmental analysis using Numbers 13 & 14: The first 2x2 matrix in Scripture?

Almond, Bradley

Boston College

The “Acts” of Paul of Tarsus: A grounded theory of institutional entrepreneurship

Lemler, Bradley

LeTourneau University

The concept of cost considered from Biblical and business perspectives: A faith integration exercise for accounting, economics, and finance courses

VanderSchee, Brian

University of Pittsburgh - Bradford

The exchange game:  An engaging introduction to marketing

Rottmeyer, Larry
Cooper, Garrett
Bright, Samuel

Taylor University
Master Works Foundation
Taylor University

The Institute for Organizational Effectiveness: Opportunities for business programs and students

Holder, Melvin


The next step: Comprehensive Biblical integration

Cafferky, Michael

Southern Adventist University

The Porter five-forces industry analysis framework for religious nonprofits: A conceptual analysis

Koch, Paul

Olivet Nazarene Univ.

The silent shapers of our thoughts: The role and significance of vision in the understanding of economic controversies

Croy, Dan

Point Loma Nazarene University

The stained glass ceiling:  Searching for congruency in our theology and teaching practices

Kimmel, Sara
McNeese, Mary Nell

Belhaven College
Univ. of S. Mississippi

The unique mission of faith-based colleges in adult education: Identifying motivation and overcoming barriers

Boersma, John

Redeemer University College

The use of scripture in the integration of faith in business

Bezjian, Ilene
Underwood, Julia
Broughton, Adam
Rowley, Erik
Schroeder, Caleb
Bolles, Kimberly

Azusa Pacific University

The “Y” generation? Who are they and do educators understand who and what influences their ethical decision processes?

Mestre, Michel
Adjibolosoo, Senyo

Biola University
Cedarville University

Theorizing the inability of organizational leaders and managers to see and act

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