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The 2006 CBFA Conference was hosted by Cedarville University.  The conference took place at the Dayton, Ohio Marriott and on the campus of Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio.

The conference theme was “Influencing National Character through Business Ethics and Values.”   261 attendees represented 32 states, 3 foreign countries, and 88 different institutions.

The academic program included 34 papers, four discussion panels, five pedagogical workshops, four corporate tours, and a doctoral showcase.

Copies or abstracts of the presentations are available to view or download by clicking on the presentation title below.




Adams, Scott A.

Taylor University

A comparative study of student-led out-of-class and instructor led in-class case study projects in introductory corporate finance

Babbes, George S.
Martinez, Geoffrey
Morgan, Michael L.
Anderson, Paul V.

Azusa Pacific Univ.
Hewitt Associates
Azusa Pacific Univ.

Win-win service-learning in the strategy capstone course with Stratmin.org

Bezjian, Vicken A.
Griego, Orlando V.

Azusa Pacific Univ.

Generation Y expectations of quality in Master of Business Administration programs

Boersema, John M.

Redeemer Univ. College

The market and the environment:  Friend or foe?

Boyce, Jeffrey W.

Indiana Wesleyan University

The selection of Christian education: An application of the consumption values model of market choice

Bretsen, Stephen N.

Wheaton College

In competition with godless hoards: Are some strategic approaches more appropriate for a faithful business?

Buckles, Tom
Redmer, Tim

Biola University
Regent University

Case study presentation: Roundtable analysis

Burns, David J.

Xavier University

Who are we now? The evolution of consumer culture

Chamberlain, Larry
Wilkinson, Gary

Indiana Wesleyan University

Servant leadership and creative destruction

Chewning, Richard

John Brown Univ.

Christianity and capitalism: Compatibilities and pitfalls

Credille, Ronda Owens

Southwest Baptist Univ.

Memorable hires: Seasoned business faculty reflections

Daake, Don

Olivet Nazarene University

Building university/community partnerships:  dreaming new dreams

Diddams, Margaret
Daniels, Denise

Seattle Pacific University

Redeeming work:  Theology as a framework for work ideology

Dose, Jennifer J.

Messiah College

Proverbs: Ancient wisdom for contemporary organizations

Eames, Robert
VanderVeen, Steve
Morter, Scott

Calvin College
Hope College
Cornerstone Univ.

Assessing undergraduate business internships: How do we know they actually deliver faith-learning-living integration?

Edgell, Margaret Sampson

Calvin College

Faith formation in business students: Three models compared

Gabriel, Leo T.

Bethel University

A case study of earned income tax credit recipients in Minnesota

Gandolfi, Franco

Cedarville University

The truth about downsizing

Haan, Perry
Callahan-Howell, Kathy

Tiffin University
Community Free Methodist Church

Arrogance in business: A biblical perspective

Houghton, David
Cipul-Weber, Konya

Northwest Nazarene University

Consumer behavior illustrations in the book of Proverbs

Huffman, Brian J.

University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Business ethics is from Mars, religion is from Venus:  Why the two need to talk

Jackson, Stacy

Calvin College

Not either but both:  The emerging faith at work industry and its limited attention to business ethics

Jackson, Stacy
Eames, Robert
Van Drunen, Leonard
Voskuil, Julie

Calvin College

What matters in practice: Towards a research agenda that informs business practice

Johnson, Sharon
Martinez, Rick

Cedarville University

It’s alive - but is our teaching?

Klingensmith, Megan
Strother, Stuart

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa retail development analysis:  A report to the City of Azusa

Klingensmith, Megan
Strother, Stuart

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa economic development analysis:  A report to the City of Azusa

Lam, Maria Lai-Ling

Malone College

A study of the transfer of corporate social responsibility from multinational enterprises to Chinese subsidiaries: Implication for Christian business educators

LaShaw, Margie N.

Whitworth College

The adequacy of church financial reporting in eastern Washington

Lemler, Bradley

Hardin-Simmons University

Socially responsible investing, eating meat sacrificed to idols, and insights from two scripture passages: A faith integration exercise for finance classes

Martinez, Richard
Franz, Randy

Cedarville Univ.
Seattle Pacific U.

Order out of chaos: Toward a Christian theology of organizing

Martinez, Richard
Neubert, Mitchell

Cedarville Univ.
Baylor University

The business implications of intelligent design theory

McMahone, Marty

U of Mary Hardin-Baylor

What kind of character is ethical? Servant leadership as a unifying ethical concept

Neubert, Mitchell

Baylor University

Triumph or tyranny: An ethical perspective on implementing organizational change

Patterson, Kathleen
Roberts, Gary E.
Stone, A. Gregory

Regent University

Servant leadership roundtable: Integrating the principles into the workplace

Penn, William

Belhaven College

The changing American work ethic: What are the implication and what should we do?

Phillips, Mark

Abilene Christian University

Classroom video for dummies

Porter, Brian
Steen, Todd

Hope College

Pensions: A Christian perspective

Ragle, William
Walker, Ronald
Guernsey, Jeff

Cedarville University

The KeyBank trading center: Trading room technology in a Christian business school setting

Saunders, Kent

Anderson University

Using top ten lists to encourage faith integration discussion in economics courses

Sayler, Larry

Greenville College

Agency theory and the disclosure of IRS Form 990 by colleges and universities

Smith, Yvonne S.

University of LaVerne

Spirituality in the classroom: Two integration exercises for management (and other) classes

Spencer, Joe
Laing, Wiliam
Rollings, Garry

Anderson Univ.
Anderson Univ.
Belhaven College

The lost purposes of business

Steen, Todd
VanderVeen, Steve

Hope College

What to teach about Wal-Mart

Wallace, J. Randall


Leadership in at-risk communities: The case of Myles Horton

Walz, James T.

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University’s young executive’s MBA program overview

Wong, Kenman
Van Duzer, Jeff

Seattle Pacific University

Navigating muddy waters: Preparing students to handle moral compromise in the context of managerial roles

Wright, David
Phillips, Mark
Jinkerson, Darryl

Abilene Christian University

Trust me: Faculty behaviors and their impact on student trust

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