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CBFA Headquarters Relocates to Azusa Pacific University

901 E Alosta Ave
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2011 Annual CBFA Conference - “Making the Familiar Different”

June 27 - July 1, 2011
Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Mount Vernon, Ohio

The 2011 conference featured keynote speeches by John Beckett and Jane Abell; tours of faith-based businesses such as P Grahan Dunn, Lehman’s, and Homestead Furniture; a banquet at Der Dutchman in Amish country with a panel of faith-based business owners; local tours of the manufacturing operations of the Arial Corporation, Rolls Royce, and International Paper; site visit evaluator training workshops presented by the ACBSP and the IACBE; a writer’s workshop; a doctoral student showcase; six best-practice presentations, eight workshops; 42 paper presentations; the annual business meeting of the CBFA; and presentation of the Chewning, Johnson, and Barnabas awards.

In the business meeting, Dr. Brett Andrews (Oklahoma Wesleyan University) and Dr. David Burns (Xavier University) were elected to the Board of Directors, and changes to the CBFA Bylaws were approved. The board appointed Dr. Kevin Hughes (Mount Vernon Nazarene University) as the new program chair, replacing Dr. Tim Redmer (Regent University), who declined to serve another term. The board also reappointed Dr. Robert Roller (Mount Vernon Nazarene University) as the Board Secretary.

The following awards were presented at the conference:

Chewning Award: John Beckett (R.W. Beckett Corporation)
Johnson Award: Dr. Yvonne Smith (University of LaVerne)
Barnabas Award: Dr. Robert H. Roller (Mount Vernon Nazarene University)

Links to many of the presentations can be found below.

Conference Papers and Presentations
(listed in alphabetical order by first author; links are to the papers or slides associated with the paper or presentation)



Andrews, Brett K.
Roller, Robert H.

Pastoral Preparation for Ministry Management & Leadership: An Empirical Study

Bostwick, Eric D.
Lowhorn, Greg L.

Public Schools, Christian Faculty: Supporting and Encouraging Christian Business Faculty in the Public University

Bucci, Joseph J.

An Examination of Redemptive Manager Behaviors in Reinstating Terminated Workers: An Organizational Case Study

Cafferky, Michael E.

Sensible, Prudent & Shrewd: Building Blocks for a Theology of Efficiency [PPT] [Paper]

Chan, K. Caleb

Making the Familiar Different – The Fruit of the Spirit Growth Exercise

Cooper, Marjorie J.

“I’m Number One!”: Biblical Perspectives on Narcissistic Leadership

Dyck, Bruno

Luke on Management: An analysis for a 21st century audience based on 1st century understandings of management

Eades, Tim
Daake, Don
Piatt, Edward S.

The Key Selection Factors High School Seniors Use to Make their Decisions Regarding Attending a Christian College

Edgell, Margaret

A Template for the Faith at Work Prize

Emerson, Mark
Jones, Karen
Lancaster, Lawanna
Whilden, Teri

Undergraduate Ethics: A Comparative Analysis of the Ethical Framework of Business Students from Different Generations

Fawcett, Jeffrey K.

Improving Student Satisfaction and Departmental Effectiveness: The Creation of an Innovative Freshman Business Experience

Freije, Jonathan
Wheeler, Jack

Developing Distinctively Christian Business Students through Business Education

Gailey, Robert

Collaborations across Campus and across Town: Preparing College Students to Engage in Social Innovation Careers

Halley, Ryan
VandenHoek, Jeff
Rahschulte, Tim

Same Three Letters…New Inputs Yield New Processes

Hamilton, Paul V.

When is Failure the Best Outcome?: TBTF and the Welfare State

Havens, Rebecca A.
Heinrichs, Ruth

Gendered Aspects of Leadership in Times of Economic Crisis

Lemler, Brad

Biblical Perspectives on Prices and Profits: A Series of Faith Integration Exercises for Accounting, Economics and Finance Classes

Park, Daniel
Anderson, Paul
Smith-Bezjian, Ilene

Needed Basis or just Comfort Basis – The Effect of Employer Sponsored Retirement Benefit Policy on Employees’ Retirement Preparation

Quatro, Scott A.

Is Business as Mission (BAM) a Flawed Concept? A Reformed Christian Response to the BAM Movement

Rickard, Philip

The Influence of Accounting Standard Convergence on Financial Reporting, Debt Covenants and Audit Risk

Rohm Jr., Fredric W.

Integrating Business as Mission (BAM) into the Business School Curriculum [PPT] [Paper]

Szendrey, Julie M.
Bruce, Michael L.

Faith Forges Frugality: Fact or Fiction?

Weber, Konya Cipul
Houghton, David C.

Closing the Skills Gap through Integrating Faith and Learning

LeMay, Joyce
Whiting, Stephen

Making the Familiar Different Through Redesigning Courses for Online

Whiting, Stephen

Towards a Biblical View of Technology

Poster Presentations
(listed in alphabetical order by first author)



Asatryan, Vahagn

I am What I Have: Psychology of Mine-ness and Consumer Behavior

Asatryan, Vahagn

Product Development in HD: A Christian Philosophy in action

Burns, David J.

Fear and Consumption: The Search for Home

Cain, Marilyn
Cook, David
Botting, Benjamin
Stansbury, Jason

Employee Ownership Best practices and Employee Faith: An Empirical Study

Daake, Don
Piatt, Edward

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Stewardship at a Private Christian University in the United States

Eames, Robert
Geddes, Sheri
LaBarge, Marty

The Role of Centers and Institutes In Transforming Christian Colleges and Universities for the Global Economy of the Future

Floyd, Nancy A.

Experiencing the Power of Experienced-Based Education

Maloney, Cory S.

The Core Values of Online Learning

Park, Daniel
Smith-Bezjian, Ilene

Should we be Comfortable? Check your Financial and Non-financial Spiritual Activities

Redmer, Tim
Moore, Harold
Palmer, Kelly
Endres, Art

A Biblically Based Employee Value System

Sepich, Debora

Go Big: Introducing the Basics of Business and Encouraging Disruptive Business Thinking from the Start

Shoaf, Mark
Roller, Robert

Lessons from the Base: Applications of Military Values to the Christian College Classroom

Truitt, Terry C.

Christian Higher Education as a Commodity

Truitt, Terry C.

Compensation in Christian Higher Education

Underwood, Julia

Blinders at the Lectern: Do Cultural Norms and Theology Hinder our View?

VanderVeen, Steve

My Journey to the East

Weber, Konya Cipul
Houghton, David C.

Shedding Light on the Merits of Open-book versus Closed-book exams on Students’ Learning: A Comparative Analysis

(listed in alphabetical order by first author)



Burns, David J.
Smith, Yvonne S.
Starcher, Keith

Research in the Life of a Christian Scholar: Overcoming the Hindrances in Providing a Christian Voice in the Academy

Chan, K. Caleb

Make the Familiar Different: The Magic of Designing and Delivering Online Courses

Dupree, Jim
Smith, Yvonne S.

 Towards a Christian Theology of Work

Lucas, Timothy
Gillespie, Teresa

Strategies for Effective Management of Unsolvable Problems Using Johnson’s ‘Polarity Management’ Technique

Redmer, Timothy
Underwood, Julia

Case Studies: The Hook and the Catch

Smith, Yvonne S. & the JBIB Editorial Board

Visioning the Future of the Journal of Biblical Integration in Business

Smith, Yvonne S.
Johnson, Sharon
Steen, Todd
Edgell, Margaret

What do Editors (Really) Want From Authors? An ‘Equipping’ Workshop for Professors who want to Publish

Doctoral Showcase



McCabe, Laurie

An Empirical Study of the Human Values of Social Entrepreneurs

Best Practice Presentations
(listed in alphabetical order by first author)



Bolender, Ronald


Geddes, Sheri
Rossman, Carol

Using the Media to Explore the Depths and Breadth of Sustainability

Redmer, Timothy

Case Studies: Integrating the Practical and Theoretical

Sepich, Debora

Fair Seven: Using Fair Trade Marketing Projects to Teach Seven Principles of Marketing

Snyder, Debra

Using an Enron Video to Teach Accounting Ethics

Spencer, Joe

Involving Students in Projects for Real Business

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