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2015 CBFA Annual Conference
October 29-31, 2015
Regent University
Virginia Beach, VA

The 2015 CBFA annual conference was hosted by Regent University.

Conference Home Page - Regent University

Conference Brochure

Electronic Procedings



Allison, Jerry

Ethics statements: A taxonomy from natural language

Allison, Jerry

Organizational values statements: A natural language taxonomy

Arias, Carlos
Discua, Allan

Ethics in information technology: A closer look from a Christian perspective

Baker, Marilyn

A multiple case study of the dark side of leadership

Baker, Marilyn

God and money: A multiple case study of destructive executives

Brister, J
Litton, J
Lynn, Monty
Tippens, K

More blessed to give than to receive: A model of lifetime giving

Cafferky, Michael

I am not alone: Managing conversations about calling with students

Cafferky, Michael

Journal publications of CBFA

Ehrhorn, Scott

An evaluation of the impact of pricing efficiency on the New York Stock Exchange

Herrity, Andrew

Flourishing in Christ in business: Conceptualizing a resource for helping new graduates go from crisis to confidence

Heymond, Jeffrey
Wheeler, Bert

A biblical critique of crony capitalism

Lantos, Geoffrey

Culture comes alive in consumer behavior: Involving students...

Migliore, Henry

Biblically-based analysis of planning and management principles

Migliore, Henry

Common sense management: A biblical perspective

Migliore, Henry

Developing a strategic plan for a college of business

Migliore, Henry

How big: A plan or accident?

Parnell, John
Dent, Eric
Holt, Kenneth
Holbrook, Robert

Non-market strategy, cronyism, and the Christian worldview: Implications for practice and pedagogy

Rohm, Rick

Understanding culture

Scheer, Steven

How God’s word informs the regulation of market failure

Smart, David

Is there room for moral conscience in business?

Visser, John

CBFA 2015 business and human flourishing: A holistic visual model

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